Fond Of Writing - Intro

Welcome to my "Fond of Writing" page !

We live in great times. The advance of the internet technology and its entry into our everyday life have changed the communication habits of quite a few of us: instead of being restricted to communicate with those living nearby, or to write letters to friends living at a greater distance, we nowadays are able to get to know people from all over the world. And we exchange ideas with them on media supporting almost instantaneous communication: emails, mailing lists, newsgroups and chat systems, to name just a few.

This leads to long-distance relationships of all forms. These pages are tailored to a very specific form of relationship: the mistress-slave relationship between consenting adults. Being long-distance poses a very specific problem for this kind of interaction: whereas in a real-life relation the mistress can very easily (and effectively) make sure that her commands are obeyed, this is not so easily possible if contact exists only via email.

To come to help I have developed a little tool, to be used in situations where the mistress wants to discipline her slave - this tool allows a mistress to define a typing task for her slave. The tool controls the typing, and generates a report which can be send via email as a proof that the task has been completed as ordered.

I got the basic idea for this tool from the Good Times [the original link is no longer in service] page. The "Keep him busy" tool found there is based on the common features of HTML (web-)browsers, and therefore independent of any specific computer platform. At the same time it is limited in its possibilities by this approach - I wanted to add more features, and was willing to accept that my tool only runs on Personal Computers under the Windows 32-bit operating systems.

You can use the menu on the left hand side to find out more about my tool, and to download it if you are interested. If you want to try out the tool afterwards, as a mistress or as a slave, I recommend that you join the femdom roleplay mailing list hosted by Topica  [original link no longer in service].

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then please feel free to send me a mail [original link no longer in service].