Fond Of Writing - Download Page

The FondOfWriting tool and the corresponding TaskEditor are freeware, and may be freely distributed. I am putting them at your disposition "as is" - I will not be hold responsible if they don't work as you expect them to work, and/or or if you find any bugs.

The only guarantee I can give is that I have coded them without any malicious intent... well, when I think about that, there was a little bit of malicious intent with regard to the slaves free time, but I suppose that this can't be hold against me *g*.

These tools require Windows95, Windows98, WinNT or Windows2000 to run. They work without any setup - just copy them to a directory of your choice.

Download the FondOfWriting tools Version 1.24 (, 57.054 bytes)

If you can't unpack the archive, I recommend that you get yourself the latest evaluation version of winzip.

Do remember that all parties must use the same version of the tool in order that the signature of a report can be verified.
And have fun !